Young Addaction Liverpool

Young Addaction give free and confidential information, advice and support to young people aged 10 to 19 around drug and alcohol use.

We also have a transitional service which supports young people aged 20 to 24 with additional support needs (for young people with mental health issues or learning disabilities).

Who we support...

  • Young people aged 10 to 19
  • Young people aged 20 to 24 with additional support needs

What we can help with...

  • One-to-one support - Young Addaction project workers support young people using Cognitive Behavioural Approaches, Motivational Interviewing skills and give Harm Reduction advice to improve health & wellbeing.
  • Community Engagement - We provide outreach services to various locations around Liverpool, such as, schools, youth clubs and community centres . We deliver informal & interactive drug and alcohol education to young people. Our 6 week STAR programme engages small groups looking at Drugs, Alcohol, Sexual Health, First Aid, Self Esteem and Confidence Building. This is delivered to young people who regularly use substances.
  • Sexual Health - We are trained in C-Card delivery for young people who need free condoms and sexual health advice.
  • Family workers - Our family workers support parents and carers who need advice and guidance for dealing with their children’s drug and alcohol use.



  • Liverpool

Opening hours...

Please go to our website for further details.