This service supports any young person across Merseyside who are experiencing or at risk of sexual or criminal exploitation.

This service is delivered by social enterprise Catch 22, who works with young people under 18-years-old providing them with on-going support to aid their recovery and help turn their lives around on a short and long term basis

The service responds to and fully supports young people who are currently involved in child sexual exploitation (CSE), child criminal exploitation (CCE), gangs and trafficking, through both one to one and group work. 

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Comprehensive screening and assessment of young people is conducted to identify CSE or CCE risk and incidence, followed by programmes of intervention which enable young people to reflect upon and recognise CE.

Long-term support for young people affected by CE is provided, ensuring that they are fully supported to recover and reduce any further risk.

Building on the success of our nationally recognised youth violence prevention work, the service also supports young people to exit gangs.

Visit Catch 22's website to see their guide for parents, carers and families on spotting the signs of CSE (PDF).

Catch 22 also work to raise awareness among young people and provide training for professionals, parents and carers on the warning signs of child exploitation.

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