Sefton IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advisor) Team

We are an experienced team of advocates who support high risk victims of domestic abuse.

Individuals can contact the service for support themselves or they can be referred via an agency professional.

We provide practical crisis support, including immediate safety planning for the whole family, support through the Criminal Justice System, and home security checks. Support is based on an individual’s needs following a one to one assessment.

Who we support...

We work with both female and male high risk victims (aged 16+) who are experiencing domestic abuse within intimate relationships. This includes same-sex relationships, and male victims of violence within family relationships (at any risk level).

We will work with victims, even if they choose to remain in their relationship.

What we can help with...

  • We are a pro-active service giving victims information to allow them to make informed choices and decisions in relation to their risk and safety.
  • We can help organise support/special measures if victim’s have to attend Court.
  • We can assist victims to find emergency accommodation.
  • We can provide a security assessment to a victim’s property and additional security measures if required.
  • We can refer victims to other appropriate support services for more specific or long-term support.
  • We can advocate for victims in multi-agency meetings such as MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences).


  • Sefton

Opening hours...

  • Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm
  • Friday 9am-4pm